To leverage on our extensive business network and a strong construction and infrastructure experience, Chahaya Realty was established in 2010 to cater to the increasing demands in real estate in South East Asia. We develop unique lifestyle condominiums, apartments and landed properties. With expertise encompassing building and designing, we offer services to suit your needs and requirements. Acting as the conduit between the buyer and seller, we match the requirements on both ends and make the best possible match for house hunters and sellers. From the disposal of ancestral property to redesigning existing landed homes to fetch a good price in the market, we ensure the best deals on all property sales.

An impetus to the growth of Chahaya Realty comes from the experience of our parent company in shipping and trading. Carrying bulk construction and infrastructure supplies and trading of materials has given us a 360 degree understanding of the realty industry. Thanks to our strong networking and investor relations arising from our shipping ties, we see Chahaya Realty sailing smoothly in waters, new and far.

Property developments in choice locations in South East Asia, in particular Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia to offer housing options that redefine your concept of a home.